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We are situated in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Yes. We do remote and telephonic desktop support for both business and home users. Just download our Helpdesk App for both Android & iOS from the stores and log your calls from there. Just visit https://www.it-helpdesk.co.za Note: This is subscription service where credit buys you a certain amount of hours for remote assistance or onsite service including a call-out fee.

We have partnered with a service provider with a patented technology to help businesses do just that, work from home as if you never left the office. No need for VPN. Within a matter of minutes depending on your infrastructure size - we can migrate your AD and all other IT resources to the cloud. All free to your company first 10 users, FOREVER.

We are Solution Providers from IT to Smartphone Application Development. We also have a keen interest in many other fields, and find, build or source technology solutions to better the industry that we have an interest in.

Yes! We have two and they are called Love2shop & TrueMed. Please visit https://www.love2shop.co.za and https://www.truemed.co.za maybe just maybe you WILL find something you love. If you do, please tweet it or like it on Facebook/ Twitter and we might just send it to you, for free.

Yes, not only do we make use of Zoom, we are a Zoom Reseller as well. We have supplied Zoom to many SMMEs and Metropolitan Municipalities alike.

The idea is to help small business (restaurants and take-aways) especially people that want to sell food from home (#sidehustles) and cannot afford the high commissions charges and setup costs of established Food Ordering & Delivery services.

Just visit www.eatalot.online and register. The service is very cheap and will allow you to setup your restaurant online and receive ordering and payment via Whatsapp easily.

Food can be collected or delivered. Delivery like on any other service is done by registered drivers on our platform. Drop us an email if you want to deliver food in your area.

Naber SA is a Neighbourhood Watch platform that allows you to watch for suspicious activity, post such activity with photos and allows you to share with your neighbours. This helps keep you safe and clear of issues. It also provides you feeds of crime around your neighbourhood so you could stay out of trouble. The platform allows you to chat with your trusted neighbourhood group to keep you informed so you can stay out of trouble.

Yes the Naber App is free to all Neighbourhood Watches across the country. The App will cost anyone else that is not affiliated to a Neighbourhood Watch R7.50 per week. This will allow the community member access to many the facilities the Naber App offers

Unlike WhatsApp and even the popular NextDoor App, Naber is a specialist Neighbourhood Watch App that streamline the monitoring and reporting of crime and suspicious activities in your neighbourhoods. Naber has a special Panic Alert feature (Button) that allows the user to call for Armed Response Or Medical services with just one click. This service you can buy In-App for R49 per person per month. There are family packages provided, of cause.

You can still activate the Panic Alert via a small GPS token (wearable) that you can use a keyring or hide on your body. This device you buy separately.



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