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We are situated in the province of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Yes. We do remote desktop and telephonic support for both business and home users.

We have partnered with a service provider with a patented technology to help businesses do just that. No need for VPN. Within a matter of minutes depending on your infrastructure size - we can migrate your AD and all other IT resources to the cloud. All free to your company first 10 users, FOREVER.

We are Solution Providers from IT to Smartphone Application Development. We also have a keen interest in many other fields, and find, build or source technology solutions to better the industry that we have an interest in.

It is not only the masks that we sell at cost, but most of the COVID-19 PPE range. It is our contribution to the war against COVID-19. We also encourage you to let us know where we can source these protective gear cheaper - If one can learn from the struggle of other nations, this pandemic will get much, much more worse, before it eases down.

We would prefer distributing to those that supply the FRONT-LINE. We need to protect our medics Law Enforcement Agencies in our own country and abroad. But please feel free to visit our online store, Love2Shop, you might just find something you love.

Yes! and it is called love2shop. Please visit https://www.love2shop.co.za and maybe just maybe you WILL find something you love. If you do, please tweet it or like on Facebook we might just send it to you for free.

Yes, not only do we make use Zoom, we are a Zoom Reseller. We have supplied the service to SMEs and Metropolitan Municipalities alike.



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